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  • What is your interior decorating process?
    I believe that the personal stories, interest, and functional necessities of my clients are the pillars to a great residential decorating project. Through my highly client-centered approach, I identify these key points and use them to create my client’s ideal aesthetic. During my assessment and implementation process, I blend their style with my creative and logistical recommendations, resulting in a bespoke space that my client can proudly call home. The logistical aspects of my process are as follows: The Discovery Call (complimentary consultation), the On-Site Interior Decorating Consultation, the Decorating Phase, and the Procurement & Installation phase. Through-out the process, I maintain full transparency and adherence to dead-lines; all of which, being fully outlined within my project contracts.
  • What interior decorating styles can you cater for?
    My specialties are contemporary, luxury, glam, bohemian, and eclectic décor. In my work, I infuse pops of color, bold shapes, and biophilic elements to create custom spaces that represent my client’s personalities, interest, and functional necessities. My ideal clients are those that love the incorporation of color and unique elements in their home to represent who they are as individuals or families.
  • What do you love most about your job?
    My absolute favorite part is my ability to make others feel seen, heard, and understood. For that purpose, I seldom aim to create editorial style spaces. Instead, I create fun spaces with sustainable elements where clients and their guest can feel very cozy and at home. Additionally, I love the challenge of materializing concepts and stories into textures and structures. Last, but not least, I also love the masterful blend of art, math, and psychology that serve as the foundational elements of a good design.
  • Why should I hire you?
    I truly strive to make client's feel understood. While I use my creative approach and attention to detail to steer them toward the best use of their space, I am always mindful never to make them feel overshadowed by the expert. After it's all said and done, I am glad when clients appreciate my style and expertise, but I'm happiest when they feel empowered and confident enough to unleash their inner creativity while working with me.
  • How long will my project take to complete?
    Project timelines vary greatly and are contingent upon many factors. As a standard, I inform clients that I require a minimum of 6 weeks for an Interior Decorating project. If you require a more precise estimation of scheduling, please request your complimentary consultation below.
  • How much will this cost?
    Pricing varies greatly and is contingent upon scope of work and the client’s desired level of participation. Please schedule your complimentary consultation to receive an estimate for your project.
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